Common dental abnormalities


Sharp Enamel Points

Severe ulceration caused by sharp enamel points.

Dorsal Curvature

In this case, caused by an untreated upper incisor fracture.

Diagonal bite

There are many reasons for this condition, but in this case the horse probably eats on one side.


This is a large hook at the front edge of the first upper pre-molar on the near side. There are also other abnormalities such as sharp enamel points and protuberant teeth.

Excessive Transverse Ridging - ETR

ETR as well as a hook and a step mouth.

Protruberant teeth

This overgrowth will be due to the opposing tooth being abnormal or missing completely.


Thank you so much for your patience with him Steve Welsh. Hopefully he will be better behaved when you next see him.
Gary Bellis


Cruise feeling very chilled today as always in the very experienced hands of Equine Dentist Steve Welsh. It’s always a great pleasure to see our horses looking so relaxed whilst having there teeth done. I’ve used Steve for around 12 years now & I can highly recommend him. 5*****
Sally Anne Johnson


Thank you so much Steve Welsh for looking after our pony Joey today…my mum said he was a star! Sorry I missed you…I was too busy looking at human teeth! I can’t wait until you come again and I can stick my head in his big mouth too!
Lucie Fox



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