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Equident is a specialist service dedicated to providing dental care to all equines from working horses to pet ponies.

Stephen Welsh is an experienced equine dental technician with an extensive, life-long career working and managing horses. American trained, Stephen is a member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians, BEVA / BVDA Accredited and fully insured. Steve has a reputation for a calm and quiet approach, which in the majority of cases will avoid the need for sedation of your animal.

Steve is based near Moreton Morell, Warwickshire and covers Warwickshire and the surrounding counties, including Oxford, Northampton, Worcester, Leicester and Cirencester.

Why does my horse need an equine dentist?

Why does my horse need his/her teeth rasping when horses in the wild cope fine without dentistry?


Why do my horses teeth get sharp?


How can I help my horse?



Thank you so much for your patience with him Steve Welsh. Hopefully he will be better behaved when you next see him.
Gary Bellis


Cruise feeling very chilled today as always in the very experienced hands of Equine Dentist Steve Welsh. It’s always a great pleasure to see our horses looking so relaxed whilst having there teeth done. I’ve used Steve for around 12 years now & I can highly recommend him. 5*****
Sally Anne Johnson


Thank you so much Steve Welsh for looking after our pony Joey today…my mum said he was a star! Sorry I missed you…I was too busy looking at human teeth! I can’t wait until you come again and I can stick my head in his big mouth too!
Lucie Fox



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