My name is Steve Welsh, and my whole life has been dedicated to working with horses.

I completed a full career in The Household Cavalry (The Blues and Royals) in 2005. During my service I have been involved in many ceremonial parades, including riding on both the funerals of Diana Princess of Wales and the Queen Mother and taking a lead role in the Procession to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.

During my years of service, I was also a tank commander at the operational side of The Household Cavalry, which took me to many countries as well as Bosnia on active service. I qualified as a BHSAI in 1986 and qualified as a military riding instructor in 1987.

I trained and choreographed the Household Cavalry Musical ride in 2001 and 2005 – this was always a passion throughout my career.

In 2001 an EDT (Equine Dental Technician) and ex-military friend of mine, Greg Wood, came to Hyde Park Barracks to treat some of the military horses. After catching up with him and hearing what he had to been doing to train as an EDT I found it all fascinationg. Following his visit and our chat I purchased a training plan, with the help of the Regimental Veterinary Officer I attended the BEVA/BVDA Advanced Theoretical Equine Dental Technicians Course, which was the spring board to all my further training.

For the next couple of years I trained whenever and with whoever I could. I am very grateful to the EDTs who helped me on the way, these being Greg Wood, Jayne Leibscher, Grant Chanter and Chris Keet.

In 2005 I made the decision to train at the Academy of Equine Denistry in Glenn’s Ferry, Idaho, USA, which I believe to be the best training in the world. I passed the BEVA/BVDA Equine Dental Technicians Examination and am a member of The British Association of Equine Dental Technicians.

My love and devotion to horses extends back many years, from a child growing up in Lincolnshire and through my full and rewarding military career. I have always tried to have a calm disposition, this combined with a great respect for any horse I work with, allows me to treat the majority (but not all) horses without the need for sedation.

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